"I have battled with depression for most of my life, and like the idea of being able to help others with my own story."

"Delivering patient-centered care requires putting the patient rather than the clinician at the center of the care process."

David Atkins, MD, MPH, Department of Veterans Affairs

"Listening to other people's stories was always helpful for me… I just thought it would be really cool to be a part of that."

Health Experiences Participant

"I want my experiences to help other people, even if it’s just one person."

Health Experiences Participant

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"It's a move from anecdote to science. We need to do it with the assurance that we're not just collecting the outlier story, but rigorously collecting the full diversity of patient experiences and representing them responsibly."

Rachel Grob, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"If the interview is helpful to others, it’s helpful to me. I hope it helps at least one person realize they are not alone."

Health Experiences Participant

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New Catalyst Film based on the Depression in Young Adults module.

“From a healthcare point of view, it’s nice to hear people’s opinions that you wouldn’t hear in person. It’s nice to be able to make improvements in care based on real experiences” – Catalyst Film Focus Group Member

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Health Experiences USA

The Health Experience Research Network (HERN) brings patients’ voices to American health care. HERN is a non-commercial, non-profit group, part of an international movement (DIPEx International) to share patient stories.


HERN strives to create and continually maintain an anti-racist research paradigm. We are committed to: building a platform for sharing experiences with health and health care that is meaningful for all people; prioritizing topics that are specifically relevant for racial justice; learning about how health experiences and inequality intersect; and continually challenging white privilege within our network.



We use qualitative research methods to provide you with real information from patients about their experiences with a particular topic or condition. 

Take a look at our first modules on Young Adults with Depression, Cancer Risk That Runs in Families and Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury. Other modules on a variety of topics are currently underway.

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We seek to describe the widest range of experiences from patients' points of view.

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We identify key themes in patient stories, arranging their contributions so that people can find the themes that matter to them most, when they matter the most.

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We want to know which topics or conditions you'd like us to explore in the future.

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